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Heidi at Allure Health Studio
392 Gibraltar Drive #3 Mississauga (905) 670-3162

Heidi at Allure

Wow....cute, tiny, bundle of erotic energy - A Russian nympho?

Monday night choices from my spreadsheet who were working were Raquel, Kyla and Heidi. There have been great reviews of all 3 and originally choose Raquel as first choice. But decided while great sensuality and after being with so many big breasted dancers at MDS, decided to go with smaller sized Heidi since prefer smaller.

Cute Christmas elf was in the waiting area - Isebella - looked very nice also.

After shower very friendly full of energy . tiny.. Heidi greets me. I didn't realize from pictures she was THAT small! Must be more like 5-1, maybe 100 lbs of nicely toned body and probably A cup. Sometimes great things come in small packages which was certainly the case with Heidi.

Russian but very good English even I can easily understand, not much of an accent. Greet greeting hugging me while I'm sitting and good mutual touch introduction. I ask her if she is in the Playboy? magazine on the table and see cutely says yes on page 17. Then looks through and oops someone has taken page 17 so can't show me her picture.

On back starts out with nice sensual touch which is nice way to start and then nice switching from quite good massage with teasing. Admiring her really nice nude body in the mirror and she is really working hard and seems to enjoy giving massage. Some nice poking her really great butt into my body. Some somewhat unique moves in how she gets my arm extended with her crotch on top of it and make sure my hands are on her nicest body parts. She also does nice full body contact on me with some blowing in ears and hair stimulating my skin. She is an all-pro at sensuality.

Switching to reverse while I'm sitting up, sort of does a standing body slide and body position so I can give her stimulation.

On her back I start my usual real massage on back muscles and she says "you've been to a school for this" (yes). She is anxious for me to move down to her butt (very nice I might add), and soon with her arching back I do a reaching under technique I enjoy having done to me and she is gyrating with my rhythm and directs my hand for more clit stimulation. This is a rare reverse where I don't even try to do my usual techniques since she obviously is having so much fun, appearing to orgasm at one point. Her tiny sexy body is trashing all over in fun pleasure it seems. I never get this sexual in the reverse unless obviously the gal wants it to be. All done within typical body rub restrictions and with no penetration or of course "real" sex, but a great deal of fun.

When my turn to have finish, the sensuality continues with great high touch interaction.

A quite different experience than usual with a extremely sexy sensual Heidi.

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