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Esalen Massage Demo

Esalen Massage Demo

I had a great 2 hour private session with a terb board member and his dancer/MPA friend. Both want to be anonymous, so won't share any identifying information. The man set secured a nice Jacuzzi room at a nice moderate priced hotel. He rented a massage table and had the room filled with candlelight for a great atmosphere. I did my part by even remembering to bring a small bottle of massage oil from Phoenix.

The session was wonderful. The guy was like me enjoying good touch intimacy and had some massage giving experience. He had read about my Esalen techniques and earlier pre-trip post and was anxious to learn and expand his skills. After awhile we were both massaging from each side of her body in unison with lots of discussion with dancer about different strokes (she love them all basically).

Our dancer "model" was perfect. She very much enjoyed, could hardly get her off the massage table. She had ideal nice body, and soaked up like a sponge the good caring touch combined with getting tension out of various muscles. She wanted to know about G spot massage and have me to a demo, which of course I did. It is not part of Esalen but if a women is interested I can teach a lot about it especially since she had never heard of it before.

I am happy to do these demo's occasionally when I am in Toronto or Niagara Falls, or do a more public workshop. But need the "model", place and massage table! But this very nice guy was very interested and everything came together perfectly.

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