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Desiree at Enigma Spa June-July 2009

Desiree at Enigma Spa

After great session with Maya was debating with myself about going out around midnight to another strip club or massage. I won the debate. Checked the schedule of many but had to only include those that were open till at least 1am. I have not been to Enigma before and it is only about 10 minutes from my hotel. The address sounds familiar - was it another Spa before?

Of the 5 gals on the schedule tonight, I eliminated 2 that were too large or too big breasted. Narrowed it down to Desiree, Katie (no pictures but slender Irish gal from stats, or Nikki and took my chance by just dropping by. I briefly serached Terb but could not find any reviews of any of these, but some folks asking about Desiree.

Fortunately she was available - nice place - what kind of lights I was trying to figure out in the room that makes the whites so white but can't see darker body very well. And Desiree obviously has a dark body! Shower floor a bit slippery and nice receptionist turned on for right water temperature etc. She also looked nice.

Desiree very attractive black gal. Breasts not too large for my ideal but would probably not be attracted to any larger sized. Felt nice and natual. She is fairly new to Enigma but worked at Royal....? in downtown Toronto. I think it was witin in walking distance of where she lived near Union Station, but enjoys working more in Brampton.

Did my usual nude-reverse ($50 room fee +80 for NR). Nice body....

Desiree did a quite good firmer real massage (which I like). Not quite as sensual using body during massage as some but that phase is to come.

On reverse which I very much enjoyed doing, she comments on my soft hands and nice touch (good sign).

On flip and finish quite skilled actually and totally open to my body contact, caressing breasts, inner legs etc. I never try and do any finger penetration which some gals don't like and not really my thing, just caressing touch, especally her breasts and seeing such a nice looking body pending over me and my two hand nicely interacting with it for the finish.

Some nice conversation, great body and good sensuality especially on the release phase, although not quite the expereinces of more full body contact etc I've had over the years at the more well known top parlors, but very enjoyable.

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