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CeCe at Natural Healing
190 Britannia E, Mississauga

CeCe at Natural Healing 190 Britannia E

I have enjoyed some of the Chineese/Asian gals on prior trips at places so thought would check this place out. It has had some reviews which are right on.

Warmly greeted by CeCe a bit older but not too bad short women, who quickly got me into room for $40 for 30 minutes "to start". Asked how I like massage and did very good job with deeper massage on back. Climbed on top nicely used whole body on my back. A small amount of teasing.

On flip started nice sensual for a few minutes before asking if wanted topless or nude. Asked how much and she says what you want to pay. I suggested $40 nude which was great with her. OK body, smaller perky breasts in a compact small overall package. Not terribly stimulating vs all the dancers and SRM/Allure type gals but OK.

She cleans your hands with a spray before starting. But from then on was just a fast furious tug with no real intimacy or sensuality. Was OK but probably wouldn't repeat.

She did have some company and had to leave briefly (I assume she was working alone). Thought I heard her talking to a women's voice saying available in 15 minutes (about half way done). When finished there was an Asian guy and a younger taller Asian gal waiting out front. Talking Chinese like old friends. Gal was quite attractive but have no idea if worked there or just with the guy. Maybe family of CeCe?

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