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Angela at Club Two Mountains

I decide instead to go to my old late night standby C2M which is also close to my hotel but in opposite direction. I had a good time last week with Pamela. While I somewhat prefer to meet different gals even if I got her again that would be fine. But chances are she wouldn't be working or the next up when I come in. I was thinking they were open to 3am but when I arrive I note they close early on Sunday at midnight. But its about 11:15 and only a couple cars in the lot so probably have time.

Angela greets me at the door. AH.... the good news, tall attractive sexy looking. The bad news, looks like what use to be called a California girl, blondish hair, tanned skin, looks very Canadian or American which usually aren't very natural intimate like I enjoy. But she sure is attractive so lets see what happens. She usually only works Mon and Tues nights. This is definitely not the same Angela (European) I reviewed from C2M in July 2001.

I do my usual 30 min nude-reverse for $100. She is friendly but a bit reserved perhaps. Touch is nice, average massage, but no use of body contact like Jenny did and the Allure/SRM best gals usually do. Thinking of the only 30 minutes of time, and I'd love to get my hands on her nice body and massage is only average when she asks how I'm doing I say great but want to be sure we have enough time for me to massage you. She says that's great let me know when you want to switch (good response). In about 15 seconds I suggest switching.

The table is much higher so easier on Old 6-2 Dave to work on. I enjoy massaging her with my usual stokes but very little response from her. Legs not really relaxed in "protective mode" but understand needed for some guys who just want to stick their fingers somewhere she doesn't want. I never do. At the end she comments how nicely relaxing it was.

On the flip, nice slow sensual start and average skills. I enjoy caressing her body but no real intimacy response or use of her body like again like with some of the popular gals at other places. The description that comes to mind, is professionally distant but friendly and doing her job. Fits perfectly my stereotype of the typical Canadian (except in Victoria) or American gal that isn't naturally intimate like so many foreign gals I have experienced.

Definitely worth the visit again to C2M but not a peak experience, or the great intimacy connection I've had with many gals at the strip clubs, or for example Robin at Allure and many other gals at body rubs on previous trips.

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