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July 2002 Trip Report Index

Dave enjoyed another "research" trip for 7 days 6/27/02 - 7/4/02 to update and expand previous trip reports.

For ideas on how I do some initial selection of escort possibilities see The Red Zone Pre-Trip Research - Trip Planning - Narrowing the Choices The Anatomy of Selecting Possible Escorts

Instead of my usual favorite hotel, Monte Carlo Inn, I tried my luck for fun on  I bid $US40/night for a 3-star or better hotel in Mississauga or Airport area. The offer was accepted by Radisson Mississauga to my surprise.  On various discount travel boards (I tried about six) their "lowest special guaranteed rate" for the days I wanted was about $US60.  So I really did get a good deal via

Instead of my usual America West via Columbus OH to a smaller commuter plane to Toronto, I am going Air Canada non-stop for $US361 RT.  I saved about $90 by returning on 7/4/02 which is a slow travel day since for those in the U.S. it is a holiday. Most people travel the day before to get where they are going on the holiday.

I very much enjoyed once again the sexual freedoms and option you have in parts of Toronto, there is no comparison in the U.S. or even many other Canadian cities especially for the nude-reverse massages and nude laps I enjoy at some Toronto clubs.

New Full Service Sexworkers - See Reviews of:
Stacy from
Sandra @ VIP Companions
Lilith - Well....not quite

Nude-Reverse Massage = See Reviews of:
Alex @ Utopia

Danielle @ Allure
Amanda @ Allure
Brooke @ Allure
Brittany @ Blue Lagoon
Sonya @ Club 2 Mountains
Liz @ Moulin Rouge

Nude full contact long laps at Strip Clubs - My usual 3 clubs
Million Dollar Saloon

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