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March 29 - April 7 2006
 Toronto Area Extensive Trip Reports
Exchange rates based on .85$US/CDN use to be .60 a few years ago!

Strip Clubs  $CDN20 full contact nude songs = $US17 full price no entry or other fees

New Locomotion - Wed night 3/29/06

Midway Invader - Wed night 3/29/06

Cannonball -Thurs Eve 3/30/06

New Locomotion - Friday Day 3/31/06

Million Dollar Saloon - Friday Night 3/31/06

Midway Invader - Sat night 4/1/06

Massage/Body Rubs - About $CDN100-150 for 30-40 Nude-Reverse or Body Slide = $US85-128 full price

Pamela @ Club Two Mountains

Robin @ Allure

Jenny @ Juliana Tokyo

Angela @ Club Two Mountains

Escorts $CDN230-240/hr = about $US200

Tasha @ Hollywood Escorts

Eva @ Diva-Escorts

Michelle @ Select Company

Americans sp's are hotter than Canadian sp's?
(Note there are wonderful providers in the U.S., who have more than just huge tits, who should be commended for the needed service they provide which in my view benefits society, despite the legal risks unique to the U.S. But I thought this post was interesting - there are shallow Canadian men just like in the U.S.)

From a post on
Americans sp's are hotter than Canadian sp's?
Yo, I checked and if you compare LA or NY with Toronto, then it seems that American girls are much hotter than Canadian girls. In NY or LA you dont hav any trouble finding busty girls and with busty I mean HUGE TITS. And i aint talking only about white girls. Even the Black girls, Spanish and Asian girls are way hotter than the ones in Canadian scene. My is the quality in the states? Cuz those rates are CRAZY!!! From US $300 min. and some are like US $500 + How is the service? I'm planning to a trip with my friends to Las Vegas or Atlantic City.
holla at ya boy.

PHNINE replies:
There is a reason why so many members on TERB are from the States. There is a reason why TERB is one of the biggest escort review boards in North America. If you can't put two and two together then I seriously would suggest you test the American talent out for yourself and learn the hard way. Hobbying in the States is not only expensive, but very hit and miss as well. Many of the SP's that work in the States also do not provide good service where as it is really only about the sex and money. Save your hobbying money for Canada and just gamble when in Vegas

Dave in Phoenix replies:
Yes, if all your looking for his huge tits, there are perhaps more options in the U.S. All  is illegal in the U.S. unlike Canada and most of the world, so this limits the availability to gals willing to be potential criminals always having to avoid LE entrapment stings, which is why the fees are far higher with less women willing to risk going to jail since those that know what is best for us, have declared war on dangerous breasts vs. real criminals with nasty guns that go bang. 

Many U.S. providers regardless of tit size, are wonderful like many Canadian providers and provide a much needed service, despite the legal entrapment risks,  so they should be commended.

But many often with less education but huge tits, are attracted to the business because they enjoy men like you - so shallow they are only looking for their huge tits.  They like to be adored for the breasts and making money from them by men who drool over them.

But many Americans including myself prefer a women that is more than tits and ass but also is an intelligent, warm real person who enjoys the business (like many on the Phoenix Private & Provider Lists) for more than being just a sex object because she has huge tits.

Of course there are Canadian & American providers who are wonderful that have huge tits, but it that is all your looking for I am sure you will be doing the Providers in Canada a favor by staying in the U.S. for your huge tit pleasures.

BTW, there are hopefully no "boys" here, just consenting adults.


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