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Discussion of Older vs. Younger Men at Strip Clubs

Someone said:
This was only my 4th ever visit to a strip joint but i've noticed some trends. Why do young guys hardly ever get approached by strippers - they always seem to be after the older guys? 

Dave's Response:
As an older guy I have perhaps a different view. A good example was at Locomotive last night. Also I go to strip clubs all over US, Canada and Asia and find:

Some women, particularly Latin, East European and Asians actually prefer older men not just for having more money. As Jenny (from Philippines) told me tonight at Ambraosia Health Spa she likes the maturity, nicer touch and attitudes of older men vs wild grab her breast younger types (a big generalization).

Most younger US/Canadian bred dancers tend to like the younger guys. They tend to enjoy more the sexual interaction (vs me and some of us older guys more interested in intimacy).

It is also true they may get better reactions from older guys that perhaps appreciate a young attractive body vs the younger guys that can date any they wish. Us older guys especially in the US and Canada have few options in real life since most women in our culture tend to prefer men closer to their own age.

The reason I seldom approach a dancer but let them approach me is I realize some are and some aren't as interested in older men. So I'd prefer to be approached since at least that might be some indication that they are choosing you even if it is for the money. 

A few gals last night at Locomotive I smiled and tried to show interest in but they wouldn't come near me. Others came to me within minutes after I returned from a dance or when I first came in and these earliest experiences where they choose me quickly were by far the best experiences where we "clicked" more than just on a pure sexual tease level. I met 7 dancers in about two hours but the first ones were by far better matches for my Interests and it gradually became less and less compatible with my particular interests the longer I was there as I discuss in Locomotion report.

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