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Fairbanks Hotel Strip Club 2418 Dufferin St

Brass Rail 701 Yonge Street


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December 2000 Reports

Fairbanks Hotel Strip Club  
I didn't expect this to be a good place based on reviews, but since I hadn't yet been to the downtown area I decided to check it out along with Brass Rail. After midnight is nice driving with not much traffic.

As noted in others reviews this is sort of dumpy compared to the West side clubs. Most of the dancers were quite attractive, including Asian, Black and Canadian looking. Maybe 75% of the customers were Asian.

I was not approached by any dancers but sat where I could watch the lap dance area. As prior reports noted it is virtually non-touch by customers, the dancer just shakes and withers her body against yours. Not my interest but glad I saw it for myself.

I didn't see any "hotel" part unless I missed it. Parking is in the near with a tiny street entrance.

I later learned that this club is different. The dancers don't get selected in person. Instead there is a guy with a book of dancers pictures. I saw him but assumed he was promoting outcall gals. Why in the world would I want to select from a book instead of in person live, is beyond me. But I guess some guys don't want to interact with a real person but just select a body from a book to have a non-touch just tease dance from.   I also was later told that they do this since the dancers usually owe the club for their getting to Canada.  Therefore the club needs more than just the typical $25/night dance fee from each dancer.  So the a way to better control the flow of cash.

Brass Rail
Some reports have claimed "high mileage" here so I was curious. 

I remember why I dislike downtown areas so much. All those one ways and very hard to find parking. I parked in the big pay garage not realizing the tiny entrance to what I assume is free parking with the attendant at the rear of the Rail. I wound my way thru the parking lot, went up some dingy stairs and would up at the Upper Rail via the back door. No one tried to collect any fee but maybe that was because it was 1:30 am only 30 minutes from closing.

I did see some nice activity going on in the tiny private booths. And some guy with a flash light keeps checking. I got two dances, one from a Black gal who was all tease and butt in face licking her breasts but zero intimacy. Next a Russian who was very warm and intimate responsive.

But I see two problems that make it not an interest of mine to visit. First, I could be wrong but I think the dances are shorter than at the West side clubs. More the length of a dance in Phoenix vs. longer songs it seems at the other clubs I've enjoyed. The cost is the same $CAN20 ($US12) but just seemed shorter.   I  have now received E-mails from locals confirming it wasn't just my imagination.

Most important however, while the dancers were nude (by the time the song almost over depending on how teasing they were), you can not touch their breasts I understand anywhere in the city of Toronto, unlike the West side clubs where so many dancers seemed to enjoy by type of more therapeutic breast massage and massaging their upper pecs which often feels good (above the breast). Since I enjoy nice breast massaging, this is a definite disadvantage compared to the other clubs I've visited in the Western cities outside of Toronto itself.

Many of the women were quite attractive, very friendly and I had no problem getting asked for dances. It was quite full before closing on a Wed night.

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