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Airport Strip Club
7040 Torbram Rd. Malton (905) 677-3798 


Dave's reports are especially detailed for the first time visitor
and for those with my interest in a high intimacy factor not just sexual stimulation   

December 2000 Review
This club has had mostly negative reviews related to it's being very expensive more body contact dances in the VIP room vs. such rooms being basically free at most other clubs, at least in the airport-Mississauga area,

But I wanted to check it out. Had to come back two different days before a dancer approached me. Not many dancers were roaming looking for dances, those not dancing were often at the bar playing the video games. I realize I could have approached one myself but I prefer to be chosen since I realize not all dancers like older men like me.

The 2nd night I did get approached by a nice Hungarian gal. You do the same $20 laps in an area on the main floor, nude with fairly good body caressing allowed except no breast touching from what I understood. That of course is a big difference from all the other clubs I've been to. 

She nicely melted in my arms and was in heaven with the neck/back massage I was giving her. Her English was not very clear but obviously she was trying to get me to go VIP as I sensed she sincerely wanted more time together not just for the money. 

But what I got from her rather poor English was its a $35 membership fee plus you have to buy a bottle of wine plus the dance fee. The area might be very lush and nice, but I wasn't going to commit to that much expense vs. other clubs dance rooms with the free rooms and just $20/song (which are far longer time than in the U.S.). And in other clubs full body contact which dancers mostly seemed to enjoy including breast caressing and massage I enjoy doing.

As I was starting to leave the "limited" contact dance area, another dancer very aggressively tried to get me to stay and go to the VIP room. I can understand why they have to be aggressive to talk you into high costs. But I'm not easily convinced and decided to decline and left.

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