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Midway Invader Thurs night 5/22/2008

Midway Invader Thurs night 5/22/2008

Well I did a triple header tonight - strip club - escort - massage all the same night. I may do less this weekend since places may be more busy. However I also want to get to the clubs for the day shifts which often I find more my type of dancers (less wild) than at night.

I had set up appointment with Garden of Eden for Angelique at midnight but thought I'd visit MI which I usually like and get horny! Nicole said if any problem she would let me know and I told her I would be back at the hotel about 11AM so didn't have a lot of time at MI. Arrived about 9:45. Not very busy but more busy when I left at 11pm. Or yes as I dash from my hotel to my gosh its raining...though it was suppose to clear up and be nice...oh...that is the hotel sprinkler system I walking under that is getting the driveway and sidewalk drenched but missing anything that looks alive that may need water.

Tall but big manmade breasts 2 songs, 2 on my intimacy scale.

Was trying to be very picky - avoiding the big breasted bombshells which left slim pickings. So just moved around and observed awhile.

Big girl insisted on starting a conversation which was very nice but I just wasn't much attracted to her physically. From Ghana (she was surprised I even knew where it was or had heard of it). She cuddled up to me and kept saying how nice and soft my hands were on her body - perfect pick up line since I enjoy that. Anyway after fairly long good conversation I decided to give up and do a dance. Off we go. We would up doing 4 songs but only 2 "on the clock" she wanted to cuddle in my arms with nice conversation for the first song and after the last. She actually was a 4 on my intimacy scale. Very nice, I just prefer a much slimmer body.

OK.... I failed to go to the mens room to make notes. Since its 11pm I am dashing out since I need to get back to hotel and am scribbling her name down as I walk fast and for the life of me I can't read it. I think its a common simple name maybe Amber but Amasav is what my scribbling looks like

I had been desperately looking for a small gal to have a last dance with but running out of time. Than ...she... was making her way towards me and I made eye contact and smiles which got her to come to me. Fairly short with curly hair. Only had time for 2 songs and but both intimate and sexy a 4 on my intimacy scale

Off I go back to hotel which is about 20 minutes away. Next up Angelique from GOE

I also got started late tonight since has a busy day. A reporter for one of the largest U.S. newspapers contacted me by e-mail and phone wanting to do an extensive story a major board on how it helps connect people but also the crap that is going on. The reporter contacted me as the result of my letting providers speak out about the abuse at

There are a number of reasons beside just trying to clean up the industry in the U.S. and expose those that abuse women why I think such publicity would be helpful to show as in the tragic D.C. Madam case the zillions of folks that participate in private adult sexuality and how we waste police and court resources going after what is legal in almost all the world except the U.S. Which is why only participate in Canada.

I have hosted the Private List (e-mail weekly) since 1996 in Phoenix which goes to about 200 guys and about 270 providers. The reporter needs to find women who have suffered the abuse and are willing to be "on the record" but their privacy will be protected. I am going to do a mailing to the providers but the address book etc is only on my home computer in Phoenix. Fortunately I have the great program gotomypc which allows me to access my Phoenix computer from anywhere in the world and to the mailing.


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