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Midway Invader - Friday late afternoon 7/1/05

Wanted to see the new MI and arrived about 5:30 PM on Canada Day.

Only a few customers which worked out fine since there were quite a few gals - ratio of gals to guys was in my favor for a change! I like the newer place more like the clubs in Niagara Falls, except the open VIPs vs more private in the Falls. Even the rest room was still clean vs. terrible usually at the old "trio". Layout looked very similar to older sister Cannonball. I assume the glassed in room to the left is for smoking. Seemed most of the guys/gals were in there, but were enough working the clean air part of the club.

The soon found a good place, the small tables with stools toward the far right side (facing stage) VIP. Often I prefer standing like at the long right side tables where you stand at the CB. But sitting on a stool also put me in right height to talk gals and didn't feel restricted in movement as I do at a regular table which I avoid.

Soon after the waitress gets my diet coke order, Nikki greats me. Tall, slim, light brown to blonde straight short hair. She normally works the day shift but will be gone for the weekend and maybe Monday, so wanted to work today.

If a gal sort of snuggles up standing next to me, I put my arm around them and often start doing a bit of light massage on their shoulders. Her reaction was an immediate "Oh keep doing that!". She stood in front of me and had me massage her neck/shoulders/back for a long time, which I do enjoy doing. Seemed very sweet and had nice chat. She has also worked in the Falls, Seductions and Sundowner and shared experiences.

Eventually we get to the VIP. Ideal body, cute face, wonderfully perfect for Dave natural not too big soft breasts that enjoyed being caressed. She hinted at extras's but with no pressure - I had said I didn't like Seductions as much due to high pressure for high cost extras's I'm not interested in at a strip club. Wonderfully intimate the way I enjoy and was my highest 3 song rating (the max I do and only if very good intimacy connection). Well except for Sunshine....

Tall, slender dark haired Russian/Romanian mix. Been here 9 years, good English and parents and family are here.

Wonderfully intimate in the way I enjoy, including pretty face that she enjoyed having stroked. Great breasts and body for old Dave. Had one hand very active on a certain body part of mine, which is fine as long as is also nicely intimate as she was not just trying to be sexual. Another great 3 song experience.

From Portugal (looked more native Canadian and no accent as I recall). A bit larger body than my ideal but cute face with those glasses. Very friendly more sexual than intimate but nice. 2 song rating.

Very talkative standing at stool. Said how she was immediately attracted to my touch. Gave me nice kisses said how she enjoyed my humor and how attracted she was to me and doesn't usually kiss a guy so quickly. Usually I think I am fairly good at distinguishing sincerity vs. a come on like she would say to all guys, but I never was able to read her that way. Regardless she was very upbeat "bubbly" and very open about herself (going to business school, wants to have own business etc).

In the VIP she was both one of the more sexual but at the same time very nicely intimate. No, I really didn't want to unzip my pants to give her access in this setting, I go to escorts for more. But she was very respectful, never any pressure to do more (never even mentioned any other fees) etc. Whether she was sincerely enjoying me or a great saleswomen I enjoyed her even though a bit aggressive for my ideal. The only drawback was large quite hard enhanced breasts. 3 song rating but... she badly wanted a 4th at half price $10.. which I agreed to.

Decide to move on about 7pm and it was getting a bit more busy than when I first arrived. An enjoyable time at the new MI.

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