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Million Dollar Saloon late Tuesday Night 6/28/05

Arrive in Toronto and while I'm a bit tired wanted to start off where I left off a month earlier - in a strip club but this time in Toronto ..well Mississauga ... instead of the great clubs in Niagara Falls and Hamilton Strip.

Was about 12:30 am or so when I arrived at Million Dollar Saloon. I had planned to go to Cannonball first but Dixie cam up faster than I realized on Derry and missed the turn. I've been to the clubs so often I didn't use my GPS mapper mounted on my car to locate them.

Sastion at MDS
Light parking in the Lot, and only a few gals and guys inside. Some gals were leaving although the club is open to 2 AM. The few gals working the floor ignored poor old Dave standing in my usual positions. But after a while "Sastion" like last part of Sensational walks up. My body type tall, slender nice face. Parents from Eastern Europe but she has been here a long time. Up the stairs we go. Was maybe 6 other dancers upstairs mostly in the dark area toward to far back. Fairly good conversation waiting for next dance. By the 3nd dance was doing what I enjoy.

She told me it had been a very slow night. Maybe because nice weather after your having so much heat. I come to Toronto to escape our 110-115 degree F heat (43 C.) but its very low humidity - under 10%. I lived all my life before moving to Phoenix 20 years ago, in Minneapolis. So I realize your 90F with high humidity is worse or equal to our 110-115 with low humidity. But tonight was not terrible hot and looks like it will cool off here a bit most of my 9 day stay.

As my "fans" that read my posts know, I have zero interest in extras' or having butts wiggled in my face, or taking a long time to get the top off since I enjoy caressing and massaging nice natural breasts in a way many dancers say they like. And having them relax in my arms so I give some back massage in various ways that most dancers like.

Sastion was medium on my intimacy response scale but very nice body. She was a 2-dance girl. If you followed my club reports from a month ago in Niagara Falls and Hamilton, If the girl just isn't my type when dancing she only gets 1 song. If she is quite enjoyable I do 2. If we really seem to hit it off sensually and/or intellectually she is my top rated 3 song gal. I am frugal and enjoy the meeting different dancers with different body types and personalities so I have not yet gone more than 3 songs...other than that certain set up with a dancer a few years ago.

At the end of the dances I wait while she gets dressed and we stand together, as part of my human interest study note if she takes the initial for a good bye hug or not. Sort of shows if perhaps some connection on the intimacy level but isn't a perfect test. Have had wonderfully great hugs at some clubs in the past. I don't go off and pout if I don't get my hug however! No hug for Old Dave.

A few other attractive dancers go by me but made no attempt to get a dance. It is now about 1:15 so decide to head over the Cannonball before it closes at 2am.

Return to car and its already have the Blue Lagoon massage ad card that seemed to have been passed out in the Strip Club parking lot for years now.

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