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Utopia Massage Studio

NOTE AS Of late September 2009 Utopia has a new owner who has contacted me
The new website is

10 Bramhurst Ave., UNIT 7, Brampton, Ont. 
(same address as Platinum Spa a couple doors down)
 (905) 799-3510 

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Dave's reports are especially detailed for the first time visitor
and for those with my interest in a high intimacy factor not just sexual stimulation   

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July 2002 Review

Alex @ Utopia 
Been having tough time catching many on my prime list of Massage gals. Allure closed today, Liz at Moulin Rouge was totally booked by early afternoon. Looking for Jeannie or Page from Silhouette but not working and some others. But did luck out at Utopia.

Alex at Utopia was very much my type, both body and outgoing friendly personality. Quite good regular massage. Was very responsive to my reverse (within a few seconds saying "you have done this before!) and then than the usual she should pay me for massage. As many, said how rare it is to find someone that knows good massage. I mention this not to brag but to encourage guys to learn some good massage skills which so many dancers and massage gals respond so well to. And it sets the stage for an even nicer sensual session.

Alex very good on the sensual side... medium on Dave's intimacy scale (only a few ever rank my highest). Very nice session, attractive women, comfortable with her body and guys. She very much enjoys work which is putting her through college (in Journalism). Alex is good conversationalist and intelligent which I also enjoy sharing with.

It was a very nice experience.

July 2001 Review
Lexis at Utopia - Pictures on website
Lexis at Utopia was perfect body for Dave. Very attractive, from London. At first I thought London England since she seemed to have a bit of an accent. But from London Ontario. I asked if I was imaging things about her accent or, maybe I've met so many foreigners in Toronto I didn't recognize a native Toronto accent! No, she says everyone asks about her accent, she has some Irish background she thinks it may be from although she has never spoken Irish.

Did the usual 40 minute nude-reverse since I enjoy giving massage so much for $CAN110 ($US72). Very light touch technique, very professionally friendly. Commented she had never experienced my favorite Esalen technique but very relaxing and enjoyable. Average finishing technique, no real intimacy connection like I've enjoyed with some, but very enjoyable anyway..

Some folks have been wondering what happened to Sabrina who I enjoyed last trip and has always been very popular here. Lexis said she did leave, but decided to come back after a vacation and Sabrina is coming back in about a week.

After Utopia...went a few doors down to try Platinum

December 200 Reviews

Sabrina - No Longer at Utopia

Nice shower in room as with most places. Did a 40 minute nude reverse for $CAN110($US72),

"Lonely" at Million Dollar Strip Club who I had such a great connection with very strongly recommended I see her dearest friend Sabrina  at Utopia. I noted that Sabrina has had some very good reviews by others. Very attractive picture on Utopia website although "super busty" which isn't my first choice, but minor issue compared to personality.

Needless to say Sabrina is very busy and has lots of regular clients but I was able to book an appointment. When I mentioned her friend "Lonely" had told me I had to see her, she got very excited. She said she had talked to Lonely this morning who told her what a great guy she had met who might be coming in and if so there would be something of a great surprise about him, which had her very curious. But not knowing what her reaction would be to what I knew Lonely meant I played dumb. But obviously the great intro set the stage and we clicked immediately.

Sabrina did a very sensual good back massage. She used her huge breasts as much as her hands on ALL body parts. A very nice massage, close intimate like I like in a massage. I was looking forward to the reverse part so mentioned to be sure and save plenty of time for the reverse.

Wow, was she receptive and loved my Esalen massage caring strokes especially a couple of my "special strokes" I share at swing couples workshops that most women have never experienced and almost all love. It's nonsexual but very sensual and can only do it on a massage table not in a lap dance. Don't ask me more, I have to show, not describe! She also seemed interested in my discussion of the physical benefits of breast massage if done correctly. Although frankly, I have a hard time doing it well on such large breasts!  But most men seem to like them large and she uses them to maximum advantage in massaging both front and back of men :)

Sabrina said how much she loves both doing massage and being massaged. Sometimes she will go to a strip club to dance more to enjoy the variety of men's touch more than just for the extra money.

This report is not trying to brag but to share how meaningful good touch massage can be and encourage men to perhaps learn some good touch skills, she claimed it was the best reverse she had ever had. Maybe she says that to a lot of men, but she realized the "surprise" Lonely had referred to was that I was quite good at massage and caring sensual touch.

She was enjoying it so much she forgot about the time and panicked when she realized how late it was since she had another appointment booked after me. She did a nice release on me and we had a very nice discussion about how touch is so important and so few have good touch skills while she was cleaning up for next client. Babies thrive on good touch but we loose that openness often as adults. 

Sabrina, in addition to being a very attractive, sexy women, is a wonderful high touch enjoying person I so much enjoy sharing with. She ranked a 10 on old Dave's 1-10 intimacy receptive scale. I am sure you will also enjoy her. You might mention Dave the massage guy from Phoenix recommended her!

I visited Million Dollar club a few more times, hoping to find "lonely" again or some of the other great dances I had met.  But I knew lonely works only occasionally (has daytime real job) and didn't find her again.

Here is what someone else said on a public board 1/20/01 about Sabrina:

She was a true GFE experience. Her massage was fantastic, her technique left me weak in the knees, and I drove all the way home with a dumb-ass grin on my face

She is erotic, has a brain, and is as beautiful as the pictures on their website . She is worth every penny, and I hope the owners realize the little customer service gem they have on their hands.

Word to the wise and to high milage requirers, I've been there 3 times so far and its been been pretty above board (No DATY, digital, FS, or BJ). Obviously YMMV, but honestly, I'll take the quality there over the quantity at other places any day.

Dave says, by all means go to an escort for higher mileage but as this poster says, not trying to push the legal limits is very fulfilling with many in Toronto like Sabrina!

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