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Platinum Spa

10 Bramhurst Avenue  Unit 12, Brampton, Ont. 
(same address as Utpia Spa a couple doors down)
 (905) 789-7733 

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Dave's reports are especially detailed for the first time visitor
and for those with my interest in a high intimacy factor not just sexual stimulation   

July 2001 Report

I note the "Jesus saves" place next door and bet the MP gets a lot of business by those sneaking sneaking into Platinum not wanting to be seen.

The pricing structure is very confusing and hard to get a clear answer. The line is that the deluxe nude reverse is so much better than just the nude reverse with more contact. But what I really want is the Deluxe since its the 40 minutes I want (30 is too short for what I enjoy).

But the reverse deluxe is where the girl gets on the table, whereas the reverse allows touching while the girl is standing and massaging you. This is different from most places where reverse is where the girl gets on the table and you can massage her which is what I enjoy. But they are only 30 minutes. So I reluctantly did the $140 VIP thing that includes the reverse deluxe but is for 40 minutes. Still less than $US100 so a bargain compared to anything available in the U.S., but $20 more than Allure for example, for same thing.

Shannon is a little older and not quite my perfect body type after being so spoiled by so many dancers in my arms or Lexis. But while not as much physical attraction ... we connected immediately on an intimacy level.

Shannon is very outgoing, friendly, witty, and far more open sensually and sexually than Lexis (still good). Just more relaxed with her body and using it on top of me very sensually (she likes what she calls her rabbit technique).

VERY good real massage techniques, as she warns if your looking for just light touch tease massage that is not her. Release phase, also showed her more years of experience.

She really liked my sensual Esalen techniques. She claimed she often compliments men on massage but I really was the best she ever had. I have it down to about a 10 minute sample of favorite strokes, of what I usually do for an hour. This is not Dave brag time, but I encourage men to learn some good massage, not the usual grope and grab. It can make a huge difference I find in the interaction when I do a reverse massage so different and enjoyable from what they are use to.

Now, if I could just find a Shannon in a Lexis body....

BTW, I offer to share ideas to any group of guys, but also need a women to show on, or even hire me to do private lessons with your wife /girlfriend if anyone is seriously interested. I have hosted massage workshops and trained swingers at U.S. national swing conventions on Esalen massage which is totally non-sexual but very lovingly intimate relating to the person as a soul not just a body, is it is sometimes described. I seldom have met anyone who does like my "favorite Esalen technique." It is very hard to do on a bed however, almost has to be done on a massage table.

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