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#10 East Wilmot, Unit 18
Richmond Hill, Ontario
(905) 771-7977

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Dave's reports are especially detailed for the first time visitor
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Giselle- November 2001
IT is one of the best reviewed MP's along with HFH and Allure so decided to take the long trek across town to check them out. Actually wasn't that long a drive on the 407 from my Mississauga hotel with almost no traffic on a Saturday afternoon. The 407 toll road was expensive however as I found out when I got the bill from the rental car company!

IT has a problem similar to Hands from Heaven (HFH) with restrictive bylaws so they can't be as open as the parlors in Mississauga where "nude-reverse" is specifically allowed in the bylaw.  

From the schedule on the website, Amber would probably have been my first choice, but I took my chances fearing they may be very busy as usual and not knowing how long it would take to get there etc, didn't call ahead for an appointment.

Easily found IT, and walking fast beat the other guy in that just pulled up in a Mini van (thinking more choices who gets there first). Giselle greeting me, with the speech .. there are four girls working but I am the only one currently available. That was fine she was nice and attractive, except for the huge breasts which aren't my first choice (I often find the larger the breast size the bigger the attitude and the lower the intimacy factor but that is not always true!). The guy behind me had to wait.. but Amber was the next one that would be free, she had been my first choice from reviews so maybe he was luckier than I was. In retrospect I should have let him beat me to the door!

They don't have my usual 45 min NR so went for 30 min with BS for .. $140 ($US88). This is more than I have paid anywhere else for my usual 45 min NR, but hadn't done BS's much. Sometimes BS's can be very nicely intimate and sometimes not worth it at all but I took a chance.

Quite nice massage, polite, she asked lots of small talk type questions, quite good sensual touch. She is Spanish from Argentina, came to Toronto for school. She was quite familiar with places in Asia I had been, Thailand and had been to Manila discussion. BS was the very non intimate type, just using those big breasts. The sexy baby talk... might be a turn on to some, but does nothing for me.

Overall nice, polite, pleasant...didn't feel rushed but.. just no intangible "intimacy connection" I usually enjoy along with the sensual experience. A bit mechanical.. sophisticated.... but no "click" with chemistry like I have had with so many gals at Allure, Juliana's, the Chinese places, the Russian at Two Mountains etc or the connection I often enjoy at the 3 strip clubs I visit.

Not really negative but would not repeat since have had much better intimacy factor experiences with others and IT was more expensive than other options that had better results.

Obviously one can not judge a place by one experience and others rave about many of the gals at IT, although I don't recall finding any reviews on Giselle.

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