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Hands from Heaven Spa

Dave's reports are especially detailed for the first time visitor
and for those with my interest in a high intimacy factor not just sexual stimulation

Selena - November 2001
Hands From Heaven Spa (HFH) along with Allure and often Invisible Touch (IT) clearly are the most popular body rubs among most of the Toronto discussion groups.

As most locals know Kayla, HFH owner, transformed the old Empire Spa into a very nice parlor and started attracting what seems to be some of the best MT talent in Toronto. She also developed the very helpful an adult guide with a very helpful extensive library of information as well as an active discussion and review board.

I had been meaning to visit HFH more often but it is a bit further East than my usual hangouts closer to Mississauga where I stay. However using the 407 tollway it is only about a 15 minute drive in light traffic and easy to find although the toll charge was a bit shocking when I got the bill via the rental car company.

Reviews for HFH are censored on Kayla's site since she has problems with the by law officers who have warned her to have the gals wear more clothing on the website and unlike Mississauga, nude-reverse or even nude, is not in accordance with the local bylaws.  This is not any criminal issue but a licensing bylaw issue which can be almost as bad for an owner if she was forced to close. 

Now.. for Selena...

Shorter very sweet Spanish gal from Ecuador who has been at HFH about 5 months and very much enjoys it vs. a prior unlicensed place in Mississauga which is now closed. Selena very much aims to please. Small breasted (old Dave prefers over large) and nice soft body (but fit).

Very nice personality - did my usual 45 minutes. Selena's routine is a bit unique from what I've experienced at other parlors but very nice. I would rate her tops in the wanting to please. medium in massage technique, quite high on sensuality and slightly above average in the way I define intimacy.

Definitely a very worth while experience.

Chloe - November 2001
Hearing good things come in small packages from other reviews, I set up an appointment for Chloe. But seems another "Dave" came in just before me and they thought it was the Dave (me) that set up the appointment.

No problem, I always bring plenty of reading to catch up on if have to wait. I finally just today found my Wall Street Journal's closer instead of way down South at Novetel hotel. (I am in the investment business and I've had a harder time finding the WSJ in convenient locations in Toronto than I did in Bangkok or Manila!)

Got to see how a smooth massage operation runs while waiting just under an hour. Met Jackie, Taylor and Serena, all very nice. When they are all in session some nice guy who sits in the front office takes the phone calls and walk ins. Well, he doesn't "take" them like to massage, but tells them when next gals will be free to set up appointment or come back :)

Finally got in with Chloe. Very nice personality and good real massage technique especially on old Dave's tight neck. She jokes how she likes tall men. I'm 6-2 she is 5-0 with a very nice trim petite body (belly is still sore from her new naval ring).

When it was my turn... she said "wow" a lot. Was very interested in my Esalen technique, asked about it and I shared info.

On the final phase, would say average in sensual and intimacy. Doesn't have the creative techniques that some others have had, but very nice and seeks to please. I enjoyed the experience.

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