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Blue Lagoon Spa
1616 Matheson Blvd, Mississauga


Dave's reports are especially detailed for the first time visitor
and for those with my interest in a high intimacy factor not just sexual stimulation  

March-April 2004 Report

Kerry @ Blue Lagoon Massage
Wednesday night 3/31/04
After all my strip club adventures I headed for one of my favorite prior trip late night places, Club Two Mountains. But a guy came to the door and said no one would be available for about half an hour (which would be 2:15am).

Not really wanting to kill the time, I decided to try Blue Lagoon which the $20 coupon "spammed" on the car door as usual at the strip clubs.

I realize Blue Lagoon has very mixed reviews, but I have had some good prior trip experiences here. I had hoped to see a lineup before I committed myself but wound up with the next gal available Kerry. From a brief peak in the gals area I think I lucked out since Kerry was close to my preferred buddy type. Did nude-reverse for $100 less $20 discount coupon = $80.

Kerry only works 2 days a week doing massage, Canadian I think.

Kerry did a pretty good regular massage and relaxed a bit with my reverse asking "are you a massage therapist" since she could tell I knew what I was doing. Nice but not great intimacy response. Flip was fairly well done, she was nice, although a bit quiet (which can be OK), and more "professionally competent" than much intimacy response as I define it.

Enjoyable nice lady, , but not memorable.

July 2002 Report

Brittany @ Blue Lagoon  
After visiting Cannonball and Million Dollar, now after 2am, went to Blue Lagoon. This is often a lower rated club but on past trips I sometimes have enjoyed it and I think its the only one in the area open to 4am. They still put their stickers on cars in the strip club parking lots with $10 discount. I note the very bad review /attitude of Stacey recently so I am grateful I lucked out much better with Brittany. Blue Lagoon does not have the consistent quality service and great attitude of Allure, but they were still open and I have lucked out on past trips.

After midnight they only do 30 min NR sessions ($80 or $70 with coupon stuck on window at SC) vs the 45 min-1 hr I prefer. I had the line up and the only one that looked attractive from the very brief glimpse as they so briefly introduce themselves was Brittany. I also noted lots of guys (boyfriends?) hanging out in the parking lot. Rooms are small but adequate. Mirrored walls but can't stand on mirror side of table since too narrow. Room and shower was clean.

Wow, once Brittany came in really nice slim gorgeous young body...ideal for Old Dave. No I wasn't just drunk from my two diet Pepsi's at the two strip clubs I had left! Also we had good conversation and the usual "gee you know what your doing" from the reverse I enjoy doing so much on a slim attractive women. Skills were average all over (she even apologized for not knowing massage as well as I do) but these gals aren't of course professionally trained.

A great time, very nice personality and perfect Dave type body.

July 2001 Reports
It is 1am Sunday night. Allure and Utopia are closed. Platinum and Brandy's are open till 2am per their websites and I like the looks of the gals on their schedules, especially at Brandy's. I get to Brandy's which has the Open sign lit up and "Open please come" in sign in inner window. But the door is locked and I nicely knock a few times but no response. I can hear people inside but assume they are all busy and leave.

I go to Platinum which is also suppose to be open till 2am, get there about 1:10am and it is closed (sign on door says open Sunday to 2am).

After a brief stop at Million Dollar Strip Club (another report) I decide to check out Blue Lagoon again since I know they are open till 4am from all those darn cards they leave on my car almost every time I visit a strip club.

On my last trip it seemed I was the only one in Toronto who had some good times at Blue Lagoon. It is known for less than quality gals and service. But I thought I'd try once this trip and see if "Dave's touch" worked here. I also remembered I could only get a 30 minute session late at night instead of the 45 minutes I really need for a good nude-reverse experience. But for the sake of "research" I gave them another try.

I was able to get a 45 minute nude-reverse and for $90, which is a bit less than at most MPs. The sign on the desk says the 45 minute nude-reverse only till midnight. But she said it was ok even though it was now about 2:15am

This time instead of calling the available girls into the hall to pick from they came by my massage room which was nicer. But they say their names so fast old Dave could hardly catch them. But only 3 gals were available. I choose Deseray sp?, a tall black Jamaican, with large breasts and quite nice body. The other two were not very attractive to me. Yes I know guys you have told me how bad this place is, but last time I found a few diamonds, at least that I liked reasonably well.

But not this time....

I agree with the many reviews that Blue Lagoon certainly isn't up to Allure, HFH, or IT quality. Rooms not that bad, yes shower has curtain instead of door, but my only complaint about the room was it was too dark. I like to see the women's body as more than a dark image when getting sensual massage.

Deseray was nice enough... not as bright as others...and massage very amateurish (well they don't require massage training in these body rubs). Again I'm spoiled by better MPs.

OK...lets see reaction to Dave's magical touch on the reverse phase. Nada...Dave strikes out... very little reaction other than "gee, that's relaxing". But nothing like the usual favorable response I get. I had no plans to get near her pussy, but she made it clear if I did, that would cost extra. Overall not just by reverse response, but total experience was very mechanical and a zero on Dave's intimacy scale.

During the finishing phase...My Mr. Happy kept telling me, "what are you doing to me.? I may be up but I am not going to cum with this treatment. Take me back to Allure!" It was as others have described it, much more a rub and tug than erotic sensual massage.

So this trip, Dave strikes out at Blue Lagoon. Others have warned about the lower quality of girls and experience. 

December 2000 Reports
Despite a very attractive website, many of the reviews I researched were fairly negative about this body rub parlor. But it was close to my hotel and I wanted to experience a body rub parlor after arriving in Toronto Friday afternoon. I would stop here before checking out nearby Locomotion Strip Club which also was often not highly reviewed. But on a cold night with bad streets with snow, I decided to stay near my hotel for my first adventures in Toronto. So without high expectations, I thought I would give them a try. I was very pleasantly surprised at both Blue Lagoon and Locomotion (reported on separately).

In Victoria, I enjoyed the body slides at a massage parlor, but had never experienced "nude reverse." This is VERY common in Toronto body rub parlors. Also I LOVE doing massage on an attractive body. I am professionally trained in Esalen massage, teach massage workshops, have hosted massage rooms at swing conventions etc. And I often get very favorable responses from woman once I get my hands on them, even if for only 10 minutes. I don't do sexual massage, just caring touch Esalen which also does great things for tight back muscles etc. It also nicely sets the tone for the usual hand release interaction (more than just grab and yank but holding her body close to me etc while doing it making in intimately interactive).

I almost didn't find Blue Lagoon, not realizing it is in the back (or front) of the building facing Dixie but you enter off Matheson and have to go all the way around the building.

From their website I had a $10 off coupon for a 45 minute nude reverse which resulted in a cost of $CAN80 ($US53).

The Spa is quite large with a "viewing" area of girls available behind the receptionist area. But she didn't offer a "view" just said someone would be in in about 5 minutes. They have small showers in each room. I had just showered at my hotel, but they said it was required. The room was quite nice with large mirror on one wall next to massage table so you can view your rubber.

In about 10 minutes Chelsea came in. Very friendly, average body slightly heavier perhaps than a "model" but not much and probably B cup breasts. (fine since I don't like huge breasts). Her picture isn't on the website. She wasn't at all shy  getting nude and started nice sensual massage. She is Ojibwa Indian.

Very friendly and intelligent asked me typical questions which led to good conversation. She is a nursing student doing massage at night to make money. Will probably do massage for another year. Is from a very small town about 6 hrs north (driving not by dogsled). 

She said you can ask to see who is available and will let you choose. Going out I did note most of the gals seemed quite attractive. In others reviews it has also been mentioned this is a good place to go after a strip club since they are open to 4am. Chelsea said often that is when all the drunks come in that are often obnoxious. Sometimes they tip well however in their drunken state.

When it was time for the "reverse" within 30 seconds she was saying "you really do know massage, I could lay here all night - most men just grope at me." There is always a red flag that pops up when a sexworker says that, since yes I enjoy doing a few of the strokes that are usually most enjoyed by a like minded good intimate touch lover, but also do want to get on the other things. But timing with her was perfect, did my favorite strokes on her front and back with great response and then reversed again.

Then she did an "average" hand release (I'm use to lots so most are average, usually its only Asians that have special release skills in my experience).

Session lasted exactly 45 minutes, shared nice hugs, no tips asked for, just a very nice first time nude-reverse body rub experience. The usual 30 minutes of most places would be rushing it however for the type of interaction I enjoy, and my enjoying giving the gal a bit of a real massage.

From reading many reviews, some in Toronto would not consider this "high mileage" since it seems many want to play with her pussy, maybe have her do oral etc. These activities place the rub parlor at legal risk and when it is so easy to legally get full service outcall, at not that much higher price, (typically $150-200CAN or $99-$130US) this seems unfair to pressure rub gals for more mileage.

You guys in Canada certainly are spoiled vs. us in the U.S., where nothing like this is available or at a very high price with our legal situation. In the U.S. you might get a pull and yank handjob but I rarely ever hear of "nude reverse" being allowed by the women. For similar service (without the reverse) it typically is $100-200US or more. For readers in the U.S. my session total cost was $US53 with the exchange rate advantage.

Another Visit
Since I had such an unusually good experience in last report vs. what most do, I thought I would try again to either confirm good or the usual poorer reviews.

I stopped in about 2am after my enjoyable interactions at nearby Locomotion. Unlike my prior experience of just getting a gal at random I asked to see who was available. And besides those you could view, in the bull pen, the receptionist somehow, probably by a call button, has many more gals from the adjoining room come out and introduce themselves which was nice.

Many were quite attractive but I was having a hard time trying to remember the names matching who I was most attracted to just physically. Especially since the first two I choose, the receptionist said were already spoken for. Apparently the girls didn't know that or why would they introduce themselves in the line up.

I decided on another but wanted 40-45 minute nude reverse. If I am lucky and click with a gal 30 minutes just isn't enough time, especially since I like giving them massage so much in the "reverse" phase. 

But after midnight they are so busy from guys coming in after the bars close (I think they close at 2am here?) they only allow 30 minute sessions. This is in line with the assembly line comment other have made.

Because I really didn't want a rushed 30 minutes I passed. The receptionist was very nice and helpful. But that is as far as I got on this visit. 

Third visit Thursday Night

Well.. with every saying its so bad, thought I'd try again about 3am. I spotted Monica in the waiting area. Very attractive in all proportions. $80 nude reverse. Very sweet...almost gushingly so but a wonderful body I enjoyed doing reverse on and she had good release skills. Is Polish but lived in Canada since 2 yrs old so perfect English (although can also speak Polish).

I would only rate her intimacy response about a 3 on my 1-10 scale, nothing like some other experiences, but her very nice body to fully massage and her good skill made it a pleasurable experience again. Not all are that attractive at Blue Lagoon, but I lucked out again I guess.

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