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Ambrosia Health Spa 

 aka AHS at 1380 Matheson, Mississauga
 West 1 blk from Dixie opposite way from Blue Lagoon but only about 2 blocks away. 


Dave's reports are especially detailed for the first time visitor
and for those with my interest in a high intimacy factor not just sexual stimulation   

July 2001 Review
I had such a nice time with Jenny at AHS last trip I decided to stop in. I had no idea Jenny was still there (Asian tend not to move around much it seems but are very dedicated to a place). The girl with a cold at the desk offered me the lineup. Jenny, another gay that looked very tired and used, and the third girl who didn't come out who was apparently also feeling sick. Gee, maybe saw me and didn't want me :)

So I pick Jenny again. And again a very nice session. She isn't model material but not too bad and very sweet, friendly and very responsive to my reverse and intimacy moves. As in prior report massage is quite good as are her sensual techniques.

Just wish AHS had a 40 or 45 minute option since 30 minutes just wasn't enough time to fully enjoy each other. The 30 minute nude-reverse was $80

As last time, at the end she asked about something for her. I tipped her $20 which made happy Jenny but its the only place that I have been to that asks for tips. She was very nice however and enjoyed the return visit.

December 2000 Review


I had not found many reviews of this in my pre-trip research but it was recommended by someone on TERB, after I posted my Blue Lagoon experience, since it is only 2 blocks away.  I decided to try it Saturday early evening.

Here, the front disk person, who is also available called out the 5 available girls who briefly introduced themselves in the "lineup". I choose a nice smiling Filipino gal, Jenny. All were nice not really young model types but I tend to prefer more mature than young and ditzy.

Shower built with glass cubes in the room was nice and she lit candles for atmosphere. Cost was $CAN80 ($US53) for 30 minute nude reverse. She came back about 10 minutes after I showered. She asked if I preferred her nude or in some sexy outfit, I always prefer just nude. I could quickly tell she was good at real massage, could have had 30 minutes with just real massage especially since my neck was getting tight. 

Jenny was quite a chatter box but in a friendly way. I thought I was back in Angeles City or Manila however since it is so hard to understand Filipino English with the tagalog accents. Just like so many "Guest relationship officers" I met in Philippines, she seemed so amazed I was single the usual "handsome man how come single, me lucky to meet you..." I bet she says the same to any older single guy but it sure brought me back to the same response I got so often when I was in the Philippines 2 yrs ago (big report on She talked about how hard it was for her to find a nice older man to marry etc...wanted to know a lot about me, disappointed I wasn't from Toronto etc... 

When the time came to "reverse" I started doing her back and got the same surprise reaction like I knew what I was doing as at Blue Lagoon. "Wish you spend whole time doing me, I tip you good.." I think she was kidding :) She reacted more sexually raising her butt inviting me to be more sexual etc. 

Then time to reverse again for the usual handjob finish. As many Asians are she was above average in her release technique, obviously had lots of experience with such long lasting guys like me which she kept saying how great that was, for women in real time I should book her for an hour...etc.... She even guided my hand to digitally penetrate her as well as wanting me to lick her nipples. She was more sexual than really intimate but still quite intimate and close to GFE if I could have understood her better. 

She joked about often men not understanding her or her not understanding them.  She did nicely suggest a tip at the end so I gave her $CAN20. I am usually turned off by tip asking vs. regular fee, but it would not prevent me from coming back over. (turned out this was the only time in any body rub any tip was solicited.) 

 I checked my watch and it was just a little over 30 minutes she was with me, not counting the time taking a shower. So the timing was honest as it did at Blue Lagoon. In the U.S. the shower by yourself time would probably be part of the 30 minute session!

A very nice experience similar to Blue Lagoon (without language problem) and more sexual vs. more intimate connection with Blue Lagoon gal I previously reviewed. But 30 minutes isn't enough time if I "click" with someone.

Tonight (Sat) I plan to check you Cannonball and Runway 66 strip clubs. Cannonball gets many great reviews, Runway 66 has had very mixed reviews from just air dances to good. 

I will try a few escorts probably Sunday and Monday. I thought they would be very busy on a weekend so might be better to try on slower nights. Although probably not as many available either. I have about 15 potentials at various agencies I selected from all my pre-research - no will only see a couple, not all 15! All $CAN200 or less an hour which was my price cutoff.

Also I'm getting lots of E-mail from scads of very nice helpful guys in Toronto making many good suggestions and some wanting to meet and buy me a beer. I appreciate you all, but unless your a women :) or we happen to meet at a club, I am declining such offers since my time for "research" is so short in Toronto. I do know I want to return frequently however.

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