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Silhouette Spa

2404 Haines

April 2004 Report

Sandra @ Silhouette Spa
Picture not up yet only worked here 3 weeks use to work at Temptations before it closed after losing its lease.

They had about 4 gals to choose from but picked tall, slim friendly looking Sandra. Very slender, Polish/Czech background still has accent although lived in Canada many years.

Quite talkative but in nice way. Said had been slow due to some game (hockey?) but would probably be busy when it was over. I was confused by the pricing. Sign by front desk says nude-reverse $50, (in addition to room fee) but sign in room said $60 for nude-reverse so I paid $60. After the end of the session I looked at the sign out front again. Sure enough it said "Nude-Reverse" $50 BUT then under that was "Nude-Reverse Massage" for $60. I had never heard of that difference. I assume plain nude reverse required just to touch her? Wasn't an issue in the session but I just wondered about the difference. Their website just has nude reverse 30 min for $105 total. But 45 minutes much better deal for $115, instead of most places that don't give discounts for more time.

Whatever the price was suppose to be it was well worth it! Room was nice and large with extra space on all side of table with the usual shower in the room. Not all rooms are that large Sandra told me.

Wow... really nice sensual touch massage. First really good sensuality this trip, and first time my body part was .. stirred... from massage on my back. On reverse she commented a couple times about my nice touch. I figured since her touch was so nice, she probably would enjoy mine, and she did. The flip course was also very nicely sensual. She has very small breast, even almost too small for Old Dave that tends to prefer smaller breasts. But the rest of her slim, smooth sexy body was the best so far this trip. I "worked" a lot faster than I usually do with this very sexy slim body in my hands (even with tiny breasts).

Very personable, enjoyable session.

In doing some searches on Toronto boards, I don't see that she has been reviewed yet. There have been reviews of what sounds like an older Sandra from old Temptations who has been described as "money grabbing machine" but this didn't seem like the same Sandra. So maybe I found a new gem? Or was the other Sandra Polish/Czech so maybe the same and I was lucky or nicer now working here.

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