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Paris at SRM 5/22/08 or actually 3am 5/23/09

Paris at SRM 5/22/08 or actually 3am 5/23/09
Picture at But as of 3/2009 no longer there

To finish off my triple header - strip club, escort and massage in one night I set up appointment with Paris for 3am. I was surprised but happy to see they are open till 4am.

Paris was the only one on tonights late night schedule that was on my "A" list on my pre trip massage spreadsheet. She had some mixed reviews but enough good stuff to want me to check her out, and wow am I glad I did!

First of all I haven't been to SRM for quite a few years. I seem to have wound up at Allure my last few Toronto trips but I recalled in the back of my mind that when I did go there years ago I had a hard time finding it but didn't recall why. So just in case I decided to take my cell phone. It turned out a good decision.

I put SRM's address on my GPS and "Betty" tells me every turn and I see it on the big map. I now have a Garmin GPS 660 which I really love - big screen - fast satellite access, although seems slower in Canada although it sees quickly the many satellites overhead - courtesy of the U.S. military.

So to SRM I go, across on Derry, Turn on Torbram, pass MDS now closed, to Steele, and just before airport Road says "arriving at SRM on right".

Ah...all I see is a big empty field and on the nearby corners two gas stations. Now back at hotel I also looked it up on Microsoft Streets and Maps and it shows it in the same place as the Gramin GPS does - just before Airport Road. I assume the city misplaced its location vs how it normally assigns addresses. My GPS has always been very right all over the U.S. and Canada, other than a few times it has a place on the wrong side of the street.

Anyway, I call SRM and of course find out its not at Airport Rd but just before you get to Steele on Torbram SRM also tells me its a common problem they have heard from many lost guys since their GPS has it in the wrong location.

Fortunately I still make it by 3am. Joy greets me takes me to room with a nice hug - quite sure she doesn't know who I am must hug everyone.

Oh yes I recall how nicely laid out SRM is the naked statue room I'm in, nicely placed candles around, big mirror and nice ledge for Dave's glasses to be not to far way.

Do my usual nude reverse. Paris comes in very friendly greeting and hug. Slips clothes off and starts on my back.

There was one report that her massage was weaker "just no feeling in it". Wow, I would say for me it was the opposite. Quite good massage including my tight neck from holding up the earth with all its problems. I experience a great caring hands feeling with her massage. She had great body contact and did some touches I do which are subtle but meaningful for those of us sensitive to nice caring touch. She mentioned I had such nice soft skin - not from flabby I hoped. Did nice intimate moves body contact and gets on top sort of cat crawl and does nice things.

I can usually tell when someone genuinely has caring touch that is from the heart or must going thru the motions. I detected a very sweat caring touch gal which prefer.

This was even more so on my turn for reverse. She immediately commented about my soft hands and nice touch. I did some of my Esalen techniques and some of usual things on back and front Lots of reviewers have commented about her great natural breasts. I agree, not too big and natural. Very nice to caress doing my stokes that move lump tissues out that can actually help at time stop breast cancer from forming as taught at Slone Kettering the major Cancer Hospital in the U.S. I have written articles bout and have taught the techniques to couples.

Paris was very receptive to all I did with lots of that really feels great, nice hands etc comments. Since we had plenty of time and she seems so responsive I pulled out most of bag or tricks for doing more intimate yet totally non sexual massage. She responded with body very positively to all of them. At end just said she just wanted to take me how she wanted to take her home with her but now had to the final stage.

Very nicely interactive on the flip. On lap with great eye contact, stroking ,using her body against you etc all in a sensuous intimate as I enjoy so much.

One review said he found her a little detached - My experience was the opposite. As another review said and I strongly agree - ". Paris@SRM has all natural breasts. I know. I have spent a lot of money squeezing them. best pair of all naturals you have ever seen. a sweetheart. sessions are low key but very sensual. She is my favorite at SRM…She is beautiful inside and out. She has such a nice personality that is rare in this business. She always carries on a nice conversation with me. Her all natural boobs are the nicest I have seen and squeezed.

I had a great time with Paris

Comments after posting above:
Great review...she is great that is for sure. You don't find many that hot who aim to please like she does.

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