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Britney @ Allure

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Arrived a few minutes early at Allure, which over the years has always been among my favorite body rubs. And what a rub they give! Met Isabella who was in the waiting area. She looks great and kind of wondered why she wasn't busy. Later I noted she wasn't on the on-line schedule for tonight. She seemed very nice.

Soon led to the room and Britney soon arrives with friendly attitude and nice warm hug. Good way to start. I did the $100 VIP option for 40 minutes ($CDN150 = $US120 total). Britney has had many great reviews for great body, friendly relaxed, good massage skills, natural C breasts and stunning. I certainly agree.

Last trip ended up with a great time with Robin, who is also from Vancouver as is Britney. Britney's techniques were very similar to the great times with Robin. Wonderful body perfect natural breasts, good conversation especially about Vancouver where I started out visiting in Canada, and just down to earth very comfortable with her body and sensuality - typical of the Allure gals. She had just returned from Vancouver last night a bit later than when I arrived.

It has been rumored for a long time how much longer she would be here. She likes to do things on the spur of the moment and may stay here another year, although she may have second thoughts when winter comes. I recalled my trip to Vancouver when they had there rare big snow storm and how the roads were full of snow for many days. The joke I heard, which seems actually not far from the truth that they only have a couple snowplows in Vancouver.

Well, pardon the diversion back to hot time with Britney in warm Toronto. although I seemed to time my trip well since its cooled off a bit from hot and humid you had much of June. I escaped 110-115 F temps in Phoenix (43-45C) but at least its very dry with humidity less than 10%.

Usually I don't find BS that worth it especially on my back. But Britney's was quite good especially how she uses her great soft natural breasts and gets nicely intimate not just body slide. Gets into many nice positions doing the BS both front and back.

On the reverse within about 5 seconds she said she could tell I knew what I was doing. She was very responsive to my type of nice Esalen massage

Very nice patient finish, warm friendly hug at end and just right amount of casual conversation. Another great experience at Allure.

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